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During it´s long years of institutional life, working with an accentuated local and regional root, Bolsa de Comercio de Bahía Blanca has expressed an effective participation in the economic scope and the social and cultural development of the community.

It´s contribution has been decisive in the promotion of important new bussines and companies, and his to drive in such sense it has not been reduced to means of it´s location, but that has had projection and esential participation in projects framed in the state and national scopes.

2004 / Bolsa de Comercio de Bahía Blanca
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Avenida Colón 2 (B8000FTN) / Telefax: 54 (0291) 459-6100 / Bahía Blanca, República Argentina
25 de Mayo 267 Piso 4 (C1002ABE) / Telefax: 54 (011) 4342-0629 / 4965 / 9140 / Buenos Aires, República Argentina